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Note: Email is the best way to reach us outside of the summer months.


Phone: (408) 320-4588

How to Register

Step 1: Visit our online store to register and pay for camp weeks.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a required online registration form, which helps us collect important information about our campers (if you have difficulty, you may request a printable form by email).

Answers to Common Questions


"What other programs do you offer?"

- We only offer summer day camps.  We do not offer birthday parties, after school programs, or field trips.

"How do half days work?"

- For half days, students may be picked up at either end of lunchtime: at 12 pm or 1 pm.

- When you select "half-day" during registration, a discount of 30% will be automatically applied.

  ("half" days run about 70% as long as a "full" day). 

- Only 5 half-day spots are available for each weekly theme.

- Half-day students still participate in our morning experiments, games, and activities but do not participate in art or our end of the day "fun activity" (which can range from guest speakers to trivia to hands-on experiments).

"Tell me about extended care?"

- Extended care is available from 8-9 am, and 3-6 pm.  The cost is $10/hour (ex: $50/wk for one hour per day).

- Early drop off from 8-9 am is quiet reading and playtime.

- Late pick up from 3-6 pm has daily group activities and games, as well as free play.

"By when should I purchase extended care?"

- Extended care should be purchased by the Monday before camp.  Late requests are allowed, but not guaranteed.

- If you would like to purchase custom hours, please make a special request by contacting us via email.

       — Such purchases will be at the rate of $15 per hour, per child.

"How long should I expect to wait for a response?"

- Our email and phone response time is 1-3 business days, although we do our best to respond within 24 hours.

Cancellation Policy*


Full Refund        — Before April 15th, you will be refunded 100% of your purchase price

Partial Refund   — Before May 15th,  you will be refunded 75%

Partial Refund   — Before June 1st,    you will be refunded 50%

No Refund        — After June 1st, there are no refunds (except by doctor's note)

*Late Registration: For purchases made after April 15th, you have 3 days to cancel for a full refund.

Due to COVID concerns...

All customers were refunded 100% for 2020.  Treating you right will always be our top priority, regardless of what challenges we face.

Camp Rules & Information


Please review this checklist in order to prepare for camp:

√ Camp runs 9am - 3:00pm. Extended care is available before and after (see "Common Questions" above).

√ Campers must be walked in/out by their parent or guardian each day.  There is a mandatory sign-in/sign-out sheet.

√ Campers must bring a cold lunch, water bottle, and a book daily (for reading times). Sunscreen can also be helpful.

√ We spend time outdoors each day.  Although there is shade, we encourage you to apply sunscreen before camp.

√ We provide 1 snack daily (we ask that students with food allergies provide their own snack for safety reasons).

√ Camp shirts are required daily.  One shirt is included with your first week purchased, and additional shirts are $10 (must order in advance).

Molecules - Leadership Program*


For students ages 11-13, we offer a leadership program!  These students still get to participate in the same camp activities as younger students in addition to working on leadership skills.

* Note: Molecules are not our assistant teachers.  We hire adults for all teaching positions.

√ Molecules may be asked to help set up experiments, act as role models for small groups of younger students, and may even request to help teachers demonstrate activities.

√ Molecules receive a $50 discount off the weekly price as a thank you for helping out.

√ Molecules may find that some camp weeks are "easy" for their ability level.  Most older students do enjoy the program, but you should make your own decisions based on each week's age recommendations and your child's interests.  If your child doesn't enjoy helping teachers and classmates,  they may prefer our more challenging weeks.

Message Regarding COVID-19


Please visit our desktop site to view the Help/FAQ Page.

APRIL 2020 (updated 1/1/21)

We are closed until further notice.  Changing cost structures, unstable rules, and a lack of response from state, county, and city officials have been major barriers to reopening:

- Costs: Our camp is one of the less costly options in the Bay Area, and one of the many ways that we bring costs down is by planning for full classrooms.  Operating under the county's new requirements would more than half class sizes, while simultaneously doubling material and staff costs.  That means that the cost for camp would need to more than double; and even then, we would still face an unstable landscape of changing rules.


- Timelines: Our camp is planned entirely by a team of two people, which takes months.  The county's COVID regulations have required complete restructuring with as little as one week's notice.  We, of course, hold safety as a top priority.  We understand the county's efforts to keep everyone safe, and we are thankful for those efforts.  However, it is simply not feasible for our small business to comply quickly enough with these fast-paced changes.

Most importantly, we awarded a 100% refund in 2020 to all customers.  We were contacted by many of you who saw the news that some Bay Area summer camps only gave partial refunds, or who refused refunds entirely (offering only an account credit for 2021).  Frankly, that is unacceptable.  We are thankful for the trust and support that you have shown us over the years, and we understand that we earned that trust and support for a reason.  We will always put your needs first over ours.

MARCH 2020


While this pandemic has certainly been difficult, it has also been incredible to see our communities, our country, and humanity at large pull together.  There have been inspirational stories every day about businesses and individuals who have helped their community in selfless ways.  We must face this challenge together.

The Science Factory has always believed in treating everyone with kindness, dignity, and respect.  I believe that these core values are the main reason for our success.  While COVID-19 might be new, doing right by our customers is not.  So what are those values?

- Safety and comfort.  The children that we serve will always come first, and we will always strive to ensure our student's safety and comfort at camp.

- Family and community.  We consider you part of our family, and we will treat you with the same care and respect as our own family members.

- Setting a positive example.  We take our role in your child's life seriously.  You want your child to realize their full potential, and we promise to always do our best to guide their intellect, empathy, and maturity in a positive way.

COVID Policy Updates

1) The cancellation date for a 100% refund will be extended to May 1st.  At that time, we will reassess the situation, and announce any new decisions.  For example, we may extend cancellations a second time if we believe that is what is best for you.

2) If we do not extend the cancellation period, then from May 1st to May 7th we will give one last grace period for cancellations.  We trust you, and we want you to trust us too.  We each have enough to worry about with COVID without worrying about summer camp!

3) The intent of this extension is that we want you to be able to keep any discounts you may have received for signing up early, without feeling like you are taking a gamble.


Sticking Together

This pandemic is ever-changing, and we will have to adapt and change with it as more information is available.  The Science Factory thanks you for your patience, your understanding, and your support.  Our community will get through this, but it will be much easier if we all remember that we each have a role to play!  I encourage you all to do what you can for your family, neighbors, and community.  Everyone's efforts count.  That might mean checking in on friends over the phone, or it might mean helping to secure vital supplies for those who cannot (like the elderly and other high-risk groups).

This crisis is testing and scary, but it also reveals my favorite part of humanity.  We are tough and adaptable.  We have overcome impossible challenges like creating language, inventing science, and building civilization.  We accomplished all of that together, as a species.  I am proud of humanity for all of these reasons, and I know that we will make it through this crisis too.  Together.

Stay safe and take care of each other.  Warm regards,


Brian Hurst


The Science Factory LLC

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